Step through the SpeakEasy ECU

When you start the SpeakEasy ECU, it opens to the page you were last using.

You can say the name of any button you can see – or click on it with a mouse. You can turn simple things like lights and fans on and off or control a window air conditioner in your bedroom if it has a remote control.

** Notice that all the screens have a button to ring a chime – so you can quickly get someone's attention in another room.

If you want to navigate to a different screen, just say or click the name of one of the other panels you can see at the top.

If you say or click Television, it will switch to the Television screen.

Then, just say or click any of the buttons on that screen. If you want to go to a specific channel, you can simply say one forty seven to jump to channel 147. Or, if it's a channel you use frequently, use one of the buttons in the upper right to jump right to it. Once those buttons have been programmed, you don't need to remember the channel numbers anymore for your favorite channels. If you have to turn on the TV, Cable Box AND an audio system to start watching TV, don't worry – we can package all of those steps into the TV power button.

You can have separate screens for every device you want to control, or you can combine multiple devices into one screen.