I've been talking almost all my life, why would I need training?

To be blunt: If you look around, you'll notice that most of your coworkers aren't using speech recognition - yet. Given that it's as good as it is (see demos) -- there must be some reason everyone has not jumped on it. Think about it, conversational pace is typically 150-200 words per minute and yet very few of us can type more than 50 words per minute accurately.

It is our experience that Americans have certain tendencies that work against us when trying speech recognition on our own. Employees often waste valuable work time trying to learn the software rather than doing their job efficiently WITH the software.

This is where training is really valuable. You can benefit from our years of experience with the software. We can help you leapfrog past all of the pitfalls we have observed -- helping you be productive very quickly.

Home-grown / In-house software? Typically not a problem with the Speech Gurus. Using the Professional Edition of the Software, we can customize NaturallySpeaking to meet your needs -- adding commands where necessary to enable you to quickly accomplish what you need to do.

This is best done on-site, but can even be done over the web - wherever you are!

NaturallySpeaking Demo video