Using Speech Recognition in Vocational Rehabilitation

Dragon is extremely important in helping people find a job or get back to work if they have any barrier to using the mouse or keyboard.

The Speech Gurus specialize in helping people use speech recognition on the job. We are experts at making Dragon work with your specific software. We love finding ways to link specific actions together into a single command to make you more productive. Our trainer has been writing custom commands for people since 1998.

We will help you determine whether or not you have the appropriate hardware, help you decide which version of Dragon is appropriate for you, and advise you on headsets to use if you need to interact with callers on the phone while entering text into the computer.

We can even write custom commands to make this interaction sound more natural for those who can't physically press a switch to toggle between the phone and computer.

To see a short video demonstrating how this can work, even for people who need to be totally hands-free, click on the link below.