My name is Jack Hungelmann. I am an insurance agent and author of Insurance for Dummies as well as numerous articles on insurance. I have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software for about eight years now to assist both in my professional writing and business and personal e-mail.

I have Parkinson's disease. I've had it now about 10 years. With tremors and finger rigidity, typing by hand was at best frustrating and at worst almost impossible for any duration. I met with my occupational therapist who recommended Dragon software. So I gave Dragon a try and have continued with it all these years. However, I would never have been able to use it at all without the wonderful help of Jon Swenson Tellekson and his team. From the beginning, Jon has installed every version for me on two different computers I use. He has done all the training I need with each new edition of the software. And his services have been outstanding whenever I was having problems. One of my favorite services that Jon offers is creating customized macros (mini computer programs) that allow me to consolidate a series of manual steps that I have to repeat often into one single voice command.

I would definitely do Dragon NaturallySpeaking again but I would never even consider it and probably never would've even used it without the special talents of Jon.

I wholeheartedly endorse Jon and Tim and the Speech Gurus for anyone considering voice-recognition software. To me they're worth every penny.


"I consider myself a humble man who thought I was proficient using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Recently I sat down with Jon for additional training. I was amazed at the different nuances and shortcuts that the latest version offers to make writing, navigating the computer and the Internet a technological dream come true! When others marvel at my new found ability, I'm referring them to Jon and The Speech Gurus! Simple hints have already increased my efficiency and productivity at work. I didn't know what I was missing!"

James- MN Vocational Placement Coordinator ______________________________________________________________________

I have used it now for over about 8 years - ever since Dragon 5 was the latest version. I have seen great improvements between Dragon 5 and Dragon 10, and the current medical/orthopedic vocabulary of Dragon 10 Medical provides efficient dictation with minimal corrections needed. I have also used this software with many other programs including Microsoft Outlook, as well as hospital-based and for virtual private network type of remote links with efficiency. As a hand specialist I have also referred several of my patients to use the Dragon software when their medical conditions prevent use of the hands for typing.

The professionals at Speech Gurus have been very helpful in helping integrate Dragon into the various other software that I use.

Mark D. Fischer M.D.


To The Speech Gurus, Jon and Tim:

"I intended to just make this a simple thank you to the two of you, but I'd like to share with others who might read this to hear what The Speech Gurus have meant to me. Specifically I’d like to address families of the disabled, their social service advocates, their attorneys, and any others that might control their destiny. The Speech Gurus went above and beyond the typical attention you would expect from a service of their kind.

I am a C2 quadriplegic, with no function below my neck and very limited motion of my head. It's been almost 5 years since the accident that left me paralyzed; and thanks to a wonderful wife, I was provided with vast quantities of audio books and new release videos to keep me occupied. But, I still had idle time that was filled with depressing thoughts of what should have been, or could have been, if not for the accident. I had to rely on everyone else for my needs; emotionally and physically. It wasn't until Jon and Tim, The Speech Gurus, set me up with a system that makes me feel like I can do anything now. I didn't realize how much my life was going to change! I'm able to do for myself what others have done for me; greatly improving my self-esteem! I can communicate with family and friends easily and often! I'm too busy now to be depressed and my outlook on life is wonderful!

Jon and Tim work hard so that everything is set to your particular needs; utilizing their know-how, and using their proprietary software that is intuitive and easy to learn! They even made a couple of 320 mile round-trips to make sure I was completely satisfied! Like I said before; they provided service that you don't really expect these days, they were excellent!

If you are reading this; you have come to the right site to improve the quality of life of the one you love, or the one you are an advocate for! You won't realize what a difference it will make in their lives until you see it happen!

Thank you again, Jon and Tim, for everything you did to improve my quality of life!"

Jack P.

Hey everybody-

"These guys are great! I've been working with them for several years with Dragon Dictate, Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 9, and my environmental control unit.

Jon and Tim know what they're doing, and are VERY helpful. I'm so happy that they decided to open a business of their own specializing in voice recognition. They have always helped me out, and still do, whenever I have an issue. They helped me with my last one.

They are very polite, respectful, knowledgeable, patient, helpful, and are determined to work with you and whatever voice recognition needs or issues you have. Including purchasing, installing, training, and customer service.

From my own experience with them, if there's something going on and you have no idea why, they'll do everything they can to figure it out and fix it. They understand how people like us need voice-recognition, and needed to be working especially.

I've worked with different guys who specialize in voice recognition, and none of them were as good or as genuine as Jon and Tim are. They really want your voice recognition things to work properly.

Next time you need to take your voice recognition business somewhere, I highly, highly, highly recommend taking it to them. Whether you are disabled or not, you won't regret it!

Check them out and spread the word!"

Angie N. Ventilator dependent and quadriplegic from a spinal cord injury.

First, the intro's, I'm Dave and these guys are GREAT!

I've had chronic progressive ms for 30+ years, and as expected, it has taken its toll. But, and in large part due to Dragon NaturallySpeaking AND Tim & Jon's expertise and dedication to helping the disabled, my now full-quadriplegia is markedly less of an inconvenience than it would/could have been. And in some ways, arguably not an inconvenience at all. Yeah, I suppose that does warrant an explanation...

There are many reasons why people don't/won't/can't use a computer (used them all), but physical disability IS NOT one of them anymore! In fact, in my case, and with the help of these guys, Dragon has been somewhat of a godsend. I'm sending/receiving e-mails with friends from around the country, doing the checkbook and banking with Quicken, reading newspapers from around the world, have a calendar on the computer, am currently working on learning PowerPoint, play checkers with my grandson on the other side of the country, and pretty much doing just about whatever any able-bodied person could do on the computer; and in some cases, significantly faster. And I'm doing it 100% hands-free! And as if that weren't enough...

A few years ago Tim introduced me to Multimedia Max, and within a few days of their on site setup & Jon's training, I again began feeling more like the man "of" the house vs. just the man "in" the house. Okay, I guess that warrants an explanation too. Using Dragon (again 100% hands-free) & Multimedia Max's ECU (environmental control unit) hard/software I am once again controlling the lights, 2 fans, 2 TV's, a DVD burner/player, an am/fm radio, the front door & my hospital bed; by voice! Oh, I almost forgot the telephone. Yeah, it's (Rapidcomm Voice) also on the computer, and also 100% hands-free. And most importantly of all, I'm doing all this without the constant, "Jan, will you please..."! Boy is that ever a + in a relationship.

You may be thinking, "Sure, he's one of those computer nerds, so of course it was easy for him". If so, you couldn't be more wrong. When I first met Jon five or six years ago I barely knew the difference between the keyboard & mouse. Jon & Tm are a couple of the most patient professionals I've ever met, and they have ALWAYS returned my calls and/or answered my e-mails; ALWAYS! And I couldn't have done it without them!