Headline of this web page

Web pages typically have information you may want to read, and also links to other pages. If you are using NVDA or Jaws, you can navigate through the page by pressing a number of shortcut keys. The letter H will jump to the next heading. The letter F will jump to the next form field, which is an element used to let you enter information, like your name, address or phone number, or email and password. In Jaws, the letter P will take you from one paragraph to the next.

Edit boxes are a type of form field on the web page that ask you to enter information. If you tab to an edit box, you should be automatically put in forms mode and able to type. If you arrow down to an edit box, you will usually need to press enter so that you will be able to type. You should hear a sound to confirm this change. Then, if you want to leave forms mode, press Escape. There are two edit boxes below, and then a combo box that asks you to choose from the list of states, rather than typing in your state.



If the website wants you to choose only one choice from a number of options, they will often use a control called a radio button. When you hear radio button, you should also hear which way you can move to make your choice. you may need to press the spacebar to make your choice.

Radio Button:



CheckBoxes are controls you use the spacebar to check or un-check. Sometimes there are multiple checkboxes together, but unlike radio buttons, in these cases you can check more than one of them. Here is a sample.

Check Box: