USB 9-in-1 TableMike Microphone with Speech Equalizer

SpeechWare TableMike 9-in-1
SpeechWare TableMike 9-in-1
Item# SW-TBK9

Product Description


High sensitive noise cancelling Desktop Microphone with USB interface and standard input and output Sound jacks. Built-in Speaker. Digital control panel with user programmable volume buttons. Two standard USB and one Pedal ports to control the microphone with the foot. Detachable, interchangeable, telescopic and very long microphone boom with flexible tip for perfect positioning. Industry first integrated 'Speech Equaliser (EQ)' and 'Automatic Gain Control (AGC)' or Amplifier for long and variable range dictation. Wideband and 20 kHz High Definition VoIP. Insulated USB cable with gold plated connectors. One-year warranty.


  • Dictate without wearing anything or being physically tethered to your PC.
  • Shotgun, highly unidirectional back electret condenser microphone
  • Superior sound quality for Speech Recognition, Voice or Music recording and High Definition (HD) Voice over IP
  • Industry first Speech Equaliser for far away positioning (up to 50 cm / 20") depending on your voice and ambient noise
  • Superior Noise canceling technology that filters out background noise effectively
  • Specially insulated USB cable (2.4 m) with gold plated, non corrosive, connector compatible with any PC
  • Versatile 48 cm to 60 cm (19" to 24") long telescopic and adjustable boom to dictate standing up
  • Two USB ports, one in the back one on top of the unit
  • Integrated SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/MSPro/MSPro-HG card reader on top of the base
  • Indicator LED in the base to show status
  • Detachable expandable microphone boom for easy removal, transport and storage
  • Download TableMike Config Controller free for configuration
  • User selectable three fonctions Push button (Always On, Push to Talk and Push to Lock)
  • Digital control panel (buttons) in the base

System Requirments:Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2000, Mac OS and most Linux versions without additional USB Sound drivers
Compatible Software:
DictaLaw, QuickTypist, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Microsoft Speech for Windows, ViaVoice, Skype, Google Voice, VoipBuster, etc.

Package Contents:

  • Windshield for microphone
  • Telescopic (53 -65cm or 21'' -25.5'') boom with flexible tip
  • USB shielded cable with Gold plated connectors (2.4 m - 96'')
  • Brochure highlighting the comparative features of the TableMike range
  • Warranty information
  • Instruction manual


SpeechWare CAM HQ Camera for TableMike 9-in-1
SpeechWare CAM HQ Camera for TableMike 9-in-1

This camera is a cost-effective alternative to a standard classroom document camera, and is perfect for stop-motion animation. Easy to use and portable, this camera is popular in classrooms and homes throughout the world.
It is ‘plug and play’ on Windows PCs and Macs (see System Requirements) and favored by most parents and teachers for kids using SAM/HUE Animation due to the flexible arm and integrated microphone.


  • Unique, innovatively designed USB camera with a built-in microphone.
  • Widely used as a portable classroom document camera / visualiser in conjunction with a whiteboard.
  • Perfect for creating animated films, live videos or time-lapse recordings with SAM Animation
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), Apple Mac OS X (10.4.3 or above) and Linux.
  • Plug and play: simply connect the HUE camera to your computer’s USB port and it will be ready to use.
  • By connecting the camera to your computer and a projector you can share students’ work, books, experiments and pictures. The built-in microphone allows you to record your presentation or a student speaking about a topic. With its weighted base and flexible neck, camera can also be used to magnify very small items such as insects, circuit boards and more to share them with the whole classroom.
SpeechWare CAM HQ Camera for TableMike 9-in-1 SW-CAM
SpeechWare TableMike Wall-Mount
SpeechWare TableMike Wall-Mount
This simple product is a replacement base plate for any of the TableMikes which is slightly larger than the original base plate and which provides a mechanism of screwing the base to a wall or desk. Changing out the original base plate with this replacement will require the use of a small philips head screwdriver.


  • works with all three TableMikes (3-in-1, 6-in-1 and 9-in-1)
  • weight about 2 oz
  • requires small philips head screwdriver for installation; for actual mounting to a desk or wall, you will need supporting screws, wall-fasterners, etc.
  • $29.00
    SpeechWare TableMike Wall-Mount SW-TBMK-WM
    SpeechWare PDL
    SpeechWare PDL

  • Allows to switch on and off the microphone with a foot.
  • 3.5mm Connection
  • $69.00
    SpeechWare PDL SW-PDL
    SpeechWare WBD
    SpeechWare WBD
    Set of three spare windshields (for different users to share the same mic)
    SpeechWare WBD SW-WBD