SpeechWare TBK1 1-in-1 TableMike USB Gooseneck Microphone with a proprietary Speech Equalizer and Push-to-Talk button

SpeechWare TBK1
SpeechWare TBK1
Item# SW-TBK1

Product Description

The multipurpose USB Desktop Microphone for professional Speech Recognition, Voice/Music Recording and High Definition (HD) VoIP.

Combines a fully flexible, long (42 cm - 16.5") microphone with a proprietary Speech Equalizer (SQ) and Push-to-Talk (PTT) button, to simultaneously switch on/off the NaturallySpeaking® microphone icon, as well as an optional foot pedal for unparalleled performance and comfort of use.

  • Fully compatible with both Windows® and MacOS® thanks to a standard USB Type-C connector, cable and adapter (to USB 2.0)
  • Highly sensitive, unidirectional and noise cancelling microphone capsule for professional Speech Recognition and Voice Recording, like all TableMikes
  • Integrated Speech Equalizer (SQ), supporting Blue LED only for good dictation range (no Gain control unlike other TableMikes)
  • Support wideband High-Definition VoIP, ideal for Skype®, Zoom®, Teams®, etc.
  • New fully flexible, long (42 cm or 16.5"), detachable and interchangeable boom
  • New industry first Push-to-Talk (PTT) to control the microphone icon of NaturallySpeaking® and other applications supporting the NumKey+
  • New Foot Pedal port for optional foot pedal support in the back panel
  • Speaker out port to connect to most external headsets for monitoring
  • New long (200 cm - 79"), standard, USB Type-C cable with special Ferrite filter
  • New USB Type-C to USB 2.0 certified adapter for MacBook® users
  • One-year warranty or two with registration

  • The integrated Speech Equalizer (SQ) delivers extremely high voice fidelity and recognition accuracy for about 20 cm (8") or more, depending upon voice volume and ambient noise, comparable to that of the best headsets in the market!

    Box Contents

  • Microphone base
  • Fully flexible, long, cardioid, detachable microphone boom
  • Two windshields to protect the microphone capsule
  • Long, standard, USB Type-C cable
  • USB Type-C to USB certified Adapter for MacBook® users