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Product Description

Contains access to all of Leasey’s tools, utilities and services, but Leasey will not speak using her own voice. The DAISY Getting Started guide is also not part of this package.

Before placing an order, you should have obtained JAWS for Windows version 14 thru 18. As you complete the checkout process, you will need to know your JAWS serial number and type it in the comment area of the checkout screen.

After you purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation via email. Later, we’ll email you and let you know that you can activate your copy of Leasey. Please note that this is not an automated process, so allow at least 24 hours for delivery. Usually, the time will be far less than that. You can download Leasey from the demo link on our website and we will also email you a download link when copy is able to be activated. Note that nothing will ship to you. Yahoo store will still calculate shipping when you order but that will be credited back when the order is processed.

Thank you for purchasing Leasey Advanced Package!