A simple utility to control multiple USB input devices and extend your productivity

Octopus USB Controller
Octopus USB Controller
Item# SW-OUC

Product Description


An unique Windows application for those needing a bit more simplicity and flexibility in controlling ONE or SEVERAL USB devices simultaneously (hand-held and desk-mounted microphones with programmable buttons), no matter their model or make, and especially those using these devices with Dragon NaturallySpeaking!

What OUC does is serve as the intermediary between the USB HID devices and both the computer and applications, including Dragon. Note that OUC is capable of simultaneously control multiple devices (i.e. a TableMike or handheld microphone and two foot pedals) and allows to program a wide variety of functions to the push or release of a key, button, or lever on your USB HID device, offering, for the first time ever, a completely “hands free workstation experience”. Some actions which can be programmed include the following:

  • Insertion of boilerplate text
  • Opening of any application, document, folder or web page
  • Emulating any keyboard key or key combination
  • Initiation of a variety of pre-defined Windows actions such as opening the control panel, viewing devices and printers, viewing power options, etc.
  • Creation of multi-sequence “scripts” which involve a series of steps.

  • Some more specific ideas for Dragon users are:

  • Initiate any Dragon Hotkey or command (including user created commands)
  • Combine an unlimited number of the above functions into a single “script” initiated with a single button,key or lever push
  • Toggle the Dragon Microphone On/Off microphone icon
  • Open the Dictation Box
  • Change to Next Field of a form
  • Issue the Press to talk
  • Issue a New Line/New Paragraph
  • Issue a Tab Key, etc.

  • In our mind, the real beauty of this device is the simple user interface and nearly universal compatibility with USB devices (the application even includes a special “Learning mode”), including the microphones sold by Philips, Olympus, Buddy, and Dictaphone. It is also compatible with all common USB foot pedals and USB keypads. There is no need to “push” settings to your device, no concern about device firmware upgrades. Just program you device from OUC and let it handle everything seamlessly in the background. OUC needs Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 or higher. If you have Windows 7 or 8 it is already installed in your system by default.