Thoughts about computer use for people with MS and other random links

This page will continue to be a work in progress.

Some of my recommendations may, of course, seem self-serving – but they are built on 24 years of experience in this field and we tend to carry products that we find useful.

Speech Recognition Software: This can be a tremendous help to people who have difficulty typing. It is significantly faster to speak to the computer. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the best product out there. With it, you can dictate e-mail messages, letters to family, keep a journal, surf the Internet, etc. It can open up your world again.

If you fatigue dramatically in the afternoon, you have two choices: don't use it then or train a separate voice file so that it can learn how you sound when you are really tired.

Some things are EXTREMELY easy to do with speech recognition, but controlling your entire computer by voice is cognitively demanding. Do yourself a favor, start learning early.

Useful Links

The LiftVest for helping people stand up, transfer, etc. In my opinion, it's light-years ahead of the gait-belt.