Varieties of Adaptive Mice

There are several categories of adaptive mice out there. Which one is best for you depends on the reason that you are having trouble with your current mouse.

STYLE Examples Benefit

Kensington Expert Mouse


Eliminates need to grasp mouse, especially for dragging. Can use palm of hand for moving mouse. Mouse doesn't move on the table, so it's easier for some people to click without moving.

Four buttons can be programmed for separate functions and can be hit with heel of hand or knuckles.


Note: I think the smaller trackballs lead people to use their fingertips to move the mouse, which could aggravate the problem.



Allows you to keep hands near keyboard, and arms near your side.
Vertical style

Airobic Mouse



No need to turn wrist over - maintains neutral, "handshake" position
Pen tablet Hold mouse as a pen - some allow you to slide along surface and press harder when you want to click.


Not as useful if you're going from keyboard to mouse and back a lot.


QuadJoy Mouse

There are a number of other styles of mouse that bear mentioning, allowing the user to use head control, eye control, mouth control, etc.

This is just one example, controlled by mouth - sip and puff to click mouse.