Insync FlamingoMic-Simple-USB

Insync FlamingoMic-Simple-USB

Product Description

Insync Buddy FlamingoMic, Flexible 24+ inches long USB microphone with noise-canceling. Microphone comes with a clamp so you can attach to a laptop computer or Tablet PC. The Buddy FlamingoMic is a USB microphone with noise-canceling that plugs directly into the USB port of your computer.

For best recognition accuracy it is recommended you place the microphone within 1 to 6 inches from your mouth. Buddy FlamingoMic offers speech recognition accuracy levels up to the high-90 percent range, comparable to any high-performance headset on the market. The Buddy FlamingoMic has a noise-canceling microphone on the inside, surrounded by a flexible, 5 mm thick vulcanized shrink tubing that gives you full flexibility.

Product Features:
  • USB Plug & Play operation means there are no drivers or software to install
  • Built-in high quality sound card to ensure quality audio input
  • Flexible 24+ inch microphone neck can be twisted and contorted to suit your individual needs
  • Ideal for use in laptop computers and Tablet PC computers, especially in noisy environments

  • Compatible Operating Systems:
  • Windows 10, Mac OS 10.4 and Linux 2.6 or higher