Demonstration of commands written by The Speech Gurus

NaturallySpeaking on its own is very accurate for dictation, which can save you a lot of time over typing. However, taking advantage of the command structure available in the Professional, Legal and Medical versions can really save time. We often write commands to jump directly to a person's specific network folder, save documents to another remote network folder or insert boilerplate style text to help rapidly create documents or documentation.

See below for some examples and short videos of commands we have created -- to get an idea of what is possible. Then, let us help you analyze your workflow to find areas where we can help you increase your productivity.

Packing many actions into a single command:

Image of screen before and after saying a Speech Gurus' command

even though no keyboard shortcuts existed!

Say "Phone Number for Person's Name"

Image of Phone Number retrieval command

from anywhere on your computer!

Video of Opening and Saving a Template

Video of Template Completion - the easy way

Controlling Checkboxes by Voice

Launch dialog to populate template

Say "Envelope for Person's Name"

Image of Envelope printing command

from anywhere on your computer -- and an envelope prints immediately!

Say "Closing Signature" to add a personalized closing.

Image of Signature Command