VXI TalkPro Max2

VXI TalkPro Max2

Product Description

VXI TalkPro Max2 Binaural QD Headset. Full-featured TalkPro Max 2 incorporates two key technologies to achieve superior microphone performance: sophisticated noise canceling microphone proven to ensure higher speech recognition accuracy and VXI’s innovative, award winning VXI Translator™ technology which ensures optimum voice band response and dramatically reduces distortion to achieve outstanding sound quality and accuracy. Also works with older, non-standard sound cards. In addition, it features volume control, microphone mute, and quick disconnect.

  • Superior quality noise canceling microphone
  • Universal compatibility with all desktop and laptop soundcards
  • All day wearing comfort
  • Easy to use: simply plug and play
  • Flexible microphone boom stays in position
  • Left or right side microphone placement
  • Adjustable headband for great fit
  • 270° swivel ear piece and soft, cupped ear cushion
  • Easy to reach jack for computer speakers
  • Durable components for long headset life
  • 2-year Manufacturer Warranty
  • System requirements: PC with sound card