Mobilize your workforce with professional-grade dictation

Nuance® Dragon® Anywhere Group Subscription
Enable your mobile workforce to complete documentation and reporting work and improve documentation turnaround in the field via iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Introducing Dragon® Anywhere Group, cloud-based, professional-grade mobile dictation solution for enterprises of all sizes. This is a SUBSCRIPTION based product. Please call The Speech Gurus, 1-888-641-6776, or email for pricing information.

Improve mobile productivity

Incorporate powerful
professional-grade dictation into
your mobile strategy

The challenge: For organizations whose employees spend their time in the field or traveling but are still tasked with documentation demands, paperwork backlogs are a unique challenge. Completing detailed and accurate reports can be time-consuming; oftentimes finding employees taking incomplete notes or finishing work back at their desktop or after hours. This can lead to inaccurate reporting, inefficient documentation workflows, not to mention compliance risks. There’s a better way.

The solution: With Dragon Anywhere Group as part of your mobile documentation workflow, mobile professionals can take detailed notes, complete reports of any length, or even fill out forms—all by voice—directly on their mobile device in real-time. For more accurate dictation and to meet business-specific needs, Dragon Anywhere Group can be customized with words such as industry terms, as well as custom commands to insert frequently used text or fillable forms. Customizations can be shared across an organization or the latest versions of Dragon Group desktop products, so work started in the field can be completed back at the desktop seamlessly.

Features and benefits

Go beyond mobile productivity and optimize reporting workflows

Give your mobile workforce the power to get paperwork done wherever their job takes them.

Dragon Anywhere Group - Improve mobile documentation by voice

Improve mobile documentation. The cloud-based voice recognition in Dragon Anywhere Group means mobile professionals can dictate continuously without time or length constraints, and with the ability to easily share documents and reports via email or cloud-based sharing apps, such as Dropbox and Evernote.

Dragon Anywhere Group - Improve reporting in the field

Improve report detail and specificity. Dragon Anywhere Group delivers optimal recognition dictation accuracy right out of the gate, with no training required. There’s no need to decipher handwritten notes or try to recall details from hours before. Employees can dictate in real-time to ensure reporting accuracy.

Create form-based templates to speed field reporting. Using Dragon Anywhere’s auto-texts feature, field workers can create fillable forms, such as client intake forms, in just a few steps. Once created, they can navigate from field to field using simple spoken commands and fill in all the content by voice.

Work across devices to drive professional productivity. Seamless synchronization across devices or the latest versions of Dragon Group desktop products means mobile professionals can remain productive wherever work takes them. Paperwork can be started in the field and completed back at the desktop, with the same customized dictation experience on any device.

Quick and easy central management. Dragon Anywhere Group includes powerful, management tools with the Nuance Management Center, a web-based environment that enables central administration at a user, group, site or organization-wide level.

Enjoy volume discounts with our license program. As part of Nuance's Open License Program (OLP), benefit with multiple subscription purchases of Dragon Anywhere Group for your organization and move into higher discount tiers quickly, based on lifetime cumulative purchases.

Improve mobile documentation

Empower field workers, lawyers, social workers, insurance adjusters, public safety officers and other professionals to keep up with documentation demands even when they are away from their desk with Dragon Anywhere Group—cloud-based, professional-grade mobile dictation solution for enterprises of all sizes.

Custom integration

Speech-enable your systems with custom integration

The cloud-based speech recognition in Dragon Anywhere Group can also be integrated into third party and custom applications and platforms, such as records or case management systems, keeping preferred interfaces and existing workflows.

Nuance Management Center

Centralized User administration made easy

Dragon Anywhere Group includes powerful management tools with the Nuance Management Center (NMC), a web-based environment that enables central administration at a user, group, site or organization-wide level. Easily manage settings at various levels, track usage, manage licenses, and share and manage customizations.

With the same NMC interface used to manage all Dragon Group products, save IT time and money to deploy, configure, maintain, manage, update, and support Dragon Group products in the enterprise, while making it seamless for your users.