For Home Office Settings

Home Office Furniture
The challenges of working in a small office or home office are great—computer programmers in front of monitors for hours at a time, people in wheelchairs, data entry specialists who may be cruising for carpal tunnel syndrome. Everyone in your workplace can be more productive and comfortable if they use workstations designed with the science of ergonomics.

Maybe it's time for a good dose of universal design in your office. Populas's line of adjustable desks and workstations enable people of all shapes, sizes and work styles to make small but frequent adjustments throughout the day. These "micro-adjustments" have been proven to reduce fatigue and prevent overuse injuries. And all of our products exceed the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for wheelchair accessibility.

Take a closer look, and see how you can bring style to your personal office while doing the right thing for your health.