FlexyMike Single Ear Cardioid Lightweight Unidirectional Headband Microphone with SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter (2nd Generation)


Product Description


The FlexyMike Single Ear – SE is an ultra-lightweight titanium alloy (about 5 g./0,2 oz.) ear hook microphone for professional speech recognition and other voice dependent applications. Manufactured in a unique 'clips on' style around a single ear for maximum working comfort. Flexible and easy to bend boom for consistent positioning of the microphone capsule enables precision positioning of the microphone for superior recognition accuracy with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The FlexyMike Single Ear – SE has an omnidirectional polar pattern, which allows for a full 360° sound pickup, providing a natural blend of human voice in its ambient. Its unique design effectively reduces background noise and popping sounds. The microphone capsule excels in delivering exceptional voice clarity with excellent background noise rejection, making it especially suitable for mobile users and notebooks or tablets, especially when used with the SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter for maximum performance.


  • New cardioid capsule
  • New improved " S-shape" ear hook design with far more contact, stability and working comfort
  • Ultra lightweight titanium alloy (about 5 g./0.2 oz.) earhook microphone for professional Speech recognition and Voice applications
  • Easy clip on style around one single ear for maximum stability and working comfort
  • Flexible and easy to bend boom for consistent positioning of the microphone capsule
  • Cable tie clip for user convenience
  • Luxurious plastic microphone case for storage and transportation



    • Back Electret Condenser Element
    • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
    • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern * Frequency Range: 50Hz ~ 18,000Hz
    • Frequency FlexyMike * Sensitivity: -65dB ± 3dB (0dB=1V/µbar@1KHz)
    • Impedance: 1.500Ω ± 30% @ 1KHz (RL:2.2K, DC:1.5V)
    • Operating Voltage: 1V – 10V
    • Connector: standard 3.5 mm mono gold-plate plug
    • Agency Approvals: FCE, CE, BC, IC

    Package contents:


    • Flexible.Soft to bend boom for consistent positioning for microphone capsule
    • Short 1.20 m/50" transparent cable with 3.5 mm metal connector for notebooks
    • Longer 1.20 m/50" transparent extension cable for desktop computers
    • Spare windshield
    • Cable tie clip for user convenience
    • Elegant case for storage and transportation


    For those preferring to use a headset microphone but desiring the advanced features of the circuitry in the TableMikes and TravelMike, this is the simple way to supercharge your current mic by adding the Auto Gain Control and Equalizer technology to your current product. In effect, this is an external sound adapter (like those made by Andrea, VXI and Buddy) but on STEROIDS!



    • Works with virtually all commonly sold headset microphones used by speech recognition users
    • Auto Gain Control (AGC) and Speech Equalizer (EQ) technology to provide the best attainable accuracy when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking
    • Normal and "Long Range" modes (long range mode used for less sensitive headsets or the TravelMike)
    • Mute functionality
    • Standard 3.5 mm jacks for both microphone and speakers
    • 1-year warranty extendable to 2-years with product registration