Why do my friends call it DragonDictate?

Isn't it DragonDictate?
DragonDictate was the first commercial speech recognition program offered by a Dragon Systems, Inc. in about 1990. Apparently, it was an excellent choice of name, because people have trouble letting go of it. Dragon NaturallySpeaking was first released in early 1997 (yes, that is well over 10 years ago) and is not the same program.

DragonDictate was "discrete speech recognition" software -- which meant that you ... needed ... to ... say ... one ... word ... at ... a ... time.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is "continuous speech recognition" software -- so you can speak more fluidly in phrases or complete sentences.

Some people will even combine the two names, coming up with something like "DragonDictate NaturallySpeaking." Others notice the way the icon appears on their desktop -- with the end of the name obscured -- and so they call it "Dragon Naturally." Others just grab a name with Dragon in it and use "Dragonfly."

This has just gotten even more confusing now that Nuance has released version 2.5 of "MacSpeech Dictate" -- calling it "Dragon Dictate." (The only difference from the original name seems to be a space between the words.)

This is why we ask you funny questions when you call to ask about DragonDictate. We are just trying to find out what you really want. Maybe next year they will rename everything back to DragonDictate and we'll just ask you if you have a Mac or a PC...